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Welcome to the feminine, modern and vintage-inspired world of Color Vision, a Norwegian fashion brand with a strong emphasis on color.

For AW19 Color Vision presents it’s very first collection with a mix of primary and secondary colored garments. Color Vision is founded on the principle that a wardrobe can be built using color theory as a underlying premise. We believe that color compliments your personality, and it shouldn’t be a struggle to find out which colors go well with your existing wardrobe.  

Iben has taken her favorite vintage silhouettes and combined them with high quality Italian fabrics – meant to stand the test of time

  • Captivating blue solid color tights Blue is a mesmerizing color! It goes well with primary colors red and yellow, and with complimentary color orange. Blue is also beautiful in combination with magenta. If these combos are too much for you, simply start out with your favourite dress to match the tights. Vivacious magenta solid color tights As a magenta superfan (I've always had

  • Complimentary colors I think the basic rule of thumb in any wardrobe is the know-how of the complimentary colors. You could say knowing them helps you build a solid foundation for you wardrobe color choices. Blue and orange One of my favorite combos - a showstopper in neon blue and orange, muted in navy blue and burnt orange. You can never go

  • When I started the development of my first collection, I really wanted a very structured dress. Inspired by my idols Cristobal Balenciaga and Pierre Cardin I searched and searched. Initially I found beautiful fabrics like Silk duchesse, Gazar and silk mikado. As a child I always had a fascination with the big shapes of wedding gowns, and through that I

  • Like I mentioned in the previous post I’ve learned a lot about fabric through sewing with them. Then you get to see how they drape, act when pressed and how they hold their shape. I like to share this knowledge of fabrics with you, and I hope you find it useful! I'm such a geek when I comes to fabrics,

  • When I first started sewing I learned from vintage patterns. I bought them online and cut out the pattern pieces at home, and I followed the sewing directions. I remember that I primarily did it because I found it very thrilling to have the same blueprint as someone in the 1950’s/60’s/70’s – and make the exact same garment. Anyway –

  • Actress and passionate football player Ameli is nothing short of a bundle of joy. Her charisma and passion for her occupation is so inspirational, and she has great style. In between combat training and learning to play the clarinet - I got to join Ameli for a day at work at Den Nationale scene! When did you figure out that acting

  • Meeting up with Lisa Story is always a visual treat. On this sunny Thursday she floats towards me in a pale lilac kimono, wearing black trousers and MØY sunglasses - with a pair of white sneakers on her feet. In Bergen Lisa’s shop secondLove is nothing short of an institution, housing hand picked secondhand and vintage clothing along with Lisas

  • I sat down for a chat with exhibition designer and passionate upcycler Lea Sangolt – for the April edition of Color Vision Doyennes. How does one land a job as an exhibition designer? When I finished my bachelors degree in furniture and spacial design, I did a flower-pressing project with zero-waste grocery shop Raavarene. Someone from the museum department at Universty


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