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Color Theory 101

Complimentary colors

I think the basic rule of thumb in any wardrobe is the know-how of the complimentary colors. You could say knowing them helps you build a solid foundation for you wardrobe color choices.

Blue and orange

One of my favorite combos – a showstopper in neon blue and orange, muted in navy blue and burnt orange. You can never go wrong with a combination of these two. If you are new to more vivid colors in your wardrobe – you can start slow with a pair of orange tights. And perhaps a matching blue dress?

Yellow and purple

Purple in it’s palest form lilac or lavender, accompanied by a deeper yellow is a dazzling combo. Scale it up by using larger garments like coats, dresses or pants/tights in yellow or purple. Scale it down by using accessories in the complimenting colors.

Red and green

Not to sound like the grinch – but red and green in it’s primary form makes me think of christmas. They are complimentary colors, but I like to put seagreen and a lighter red together – this combo will make any outfit pop. The same effect could also be achieved by some great accessory-work; a sea green beret and red gloves perhaps?

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