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Color Vision Solid color tights

Captivating blue solid color tights

Blue is a mesmerizing color! It goes well with primary colors red and yellow, and with complimentary color orange. Blue is also beautiful in combination with magenta. If these combos are too much for you, simply start out with your favourite dress to match the tights.

Vivacious magenta solid color tights

Color Vision Solid color tights in vivacious magenta.

As a magenta superfan (I’ve always had a thing for pink) I think it’s an excellent color addition to your wardrobe. Magenta pairs well with blue, red and orange as well as grass green. Come by the pop-up shop in Bergen to snag a pair of Color Vision solid color tights!

Fair orange solid color tights

Color Vision Solid color tights in fair orange.

Orange. Gah. I love it. Especially in tandem with pale purple; lilac. I also love it in combination with white. Complimentary partner is blue.

How to wear solid color tights

I think solid color tights is one of the best ways to inject color into your wardrobe. Back in the day when I wore grey and black, I started out gently with solid color tights. I think the first color I bought was yellow. Then I found mint green, lavender and orange. When I founded Color Vision one of my main objectives was to create solid color tights in a wide array of colors. I introduce to you; Color Vision Solid Color tights!

Comes in a beautful box designed by with color matching suggestions on the side. Can be purchase in the pop-up shop.

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