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Actress and passionate football player Ameli is nothing short of a bundle of joy. Her charisma and passion for her occupation is so inspirational, and she has great style. In between combat training and learning to play the clarinet - I got to join Ameli for a day at work at Den Nationale scene! When did you figure out that acting was your passion? I never thought I was going to be an actress and make a

Meeting up with Lisa Story is always a visual treat. On this sunny Thursday she floats towards me in a pale lilac kimono, wearing black trousers and MØY sunglasses - with a pair of white sneakers on her feet. In Bergen Lisa’s shop secondLove is nothing short of an institution, housing hand picked secondhand and vintage clothing along with Lisas paintings. I’m curious to know how she built her empire!

I sat down for a chat with exhibition designer and passionate upcycler Lea Sangolt – for the April edition of Color Vision Doyennes. How does one land a job as an exhibition designer? When I finished my bachelors degree in furniture and spacial design, I did a flower-pressing project with zero-waste grocery shop Raavarene. Someone from the museum department at Universty of Bergen saw my work. Then they offered me a job curating the botanical exhibition

I remember my first encounter with Lin's art. It was at Bergen Kunsthall during the Master exhibition of Bergen Art and design school. I remember her exquisite porcelain pieces, especially a porcelain bone with gold embellishment. It made such an impression on me I just had to meet up with this talented woman.

Upon entering the flat that Norwegian photographer, model, musician and general IT girl Synne Sofi shares with her boyfriend Mathias (also known as musician Mato Polo) I notice a big collage lyeing on the floor. Synne tells me that she’s in the middle of making a new album cover for Hester V75.