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Color is everywhere around us and it makes us happy and energized, confident or relaxed. I started Color Vision because I want more women to be able to wear high quality garments in all of the colors of the color circle.

At the moment we are working on a very exciting piece of tech which will match garments in the online shop for you, using color theory as the underlying premise…


Since I was little my mother, which is a textile artist – taught me about fabrics and their properties. I brought this knowledge with me and used it when I started sewing vintage patterns. Then I increased my knowledge of fabrics through textile courses, dyeing workshops and weaving.

I’ve been wearing vintage clothing for years, and one of my main issues is that all my favourite styles come in polyester. I wanted to exchange the poly with natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen and silk – preferrably in as high percentage as possible.


High quality fabric and quality construction makes garments last. This has been key to me during development of my first collection. Since I’m a small company I’m not able to buy the large quantities required for organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp and so on. So I contribute as much as I can, making sure the dyes I use are azo-free, the dye plant has a water cleaning system and is run on suncell energy, many of my fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified and the sheep which supply my wool are domesticated and mulesing free. I also buy fabrics mostly from Italy, so my sourcing is as local as possible.

I think concious consumption is one of the ways to go to save our environment, and buying clothes which are of high enough quality to be mended for years and years. 


I decided to manufacture my garments in Poland. The reason why is; it’s far more sustainable when it comes to distance. I’m also able to visit my manufacturer more often, and spend time with the lovely talented dressmakers who work there. Pictured is the lovely Oksana, which sewed most of the Mia mikado dress.

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